About Flyner

Imagine writing a message on a piece of paper, making a paper airplane, and launching it out of your window. Where would it land, who would read your message? What if it could go as far as the other side of the world? What if the person who received your message could write you back?

You don't have to just imagine. Launch that paper plane from the window of your browser. This, in essence, is what Flyner allows you to do.

Flyner is based on an original idea and works differently than a chat, a blog, or a social network. The notes you launch and catch on Flyner are starting points for conversations. You can take part in as many conversations as you like, all running in parallel. You can leave a conversation at any point or you can keep it going for months. It's up to you.

There are no people to follow, feeds to read, friends to add, or likes to click. All you need to stay in touch is simply write back.

Flyner was created by a small team from Vancouver, Canada. We hope you enjoy it!

Flyner Team