Questions & Answers

How does Flyner work? It's simple. You launch a note and catch someone else's note in exchange. Reply to continue the conversation. A conversation can last minutes or it can last for months. Launch a few notes, catch a few notes, and you will have several conversations running in parallel.
What should I write in a note? Anything you like. Speak your mind, tell a story, ask a question, voice an opinion, share an interest, talk about your day. Be funny or be serious, or mix it up.
How do I keep a conversation alive? Write replies. A conversation continues indefinitely while both people keep it going – or else it disappears. However, there is no need to worry if you are away for a while. New replies will wait to be read for 30 days, so you will have a chance to respond and continue the conversation.
What is “the bin”? If you didn't respond right after reading a new reply, you might be able to resume the conversation from the bin. Up to 20 short-term conversations will remain there for 24 hours before they disappear. Longer conversations (having over 10 replies and lasting more than a day) are automatically saved and can be resumed within 30 days.
What are hashtags for? Hashtags help narrow down who you talk to or what you talk about. By adding hashtags to the notes you launch you can find someone from your city, set a topic, talk to people who share your interests, or even send notes to your friends. Read more...
Keyboard shortcuts? Ctrl+Enter works to launch notes, send replies, and for transitions (i.e. instead of clicking buttons like “launch another note” or “read new reply”). Use this shortcut, and you will rarely need the mouse.
Are there rules? Of course, see here. Flyner exists to connect a diversity of people for good conversations. Basic manners and consideration for others go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere. So have a great time, and let's keep Flyner enjoyable for all! To report misconduct, click the flame icon next to the “Send reply” button.
What about Android/iOS apps? Not yet, but the website will adjust to fit different screen sizes. Just open in the web browser of your smartphone or tablet.