Hashtags on Flyner

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or a phrase with the symbol # in front of it. Flyner hashtags can include English letters, numbers and the underscore ("_"). At least one letter must be present.
How do hashtags work on Flyner? Notes marked with a hashtag fly between those who use that hashtag. If you launch a note tagged with, say, #kittens, it will reach someone who tagged their note #kittens as well. And you would catch a note from someone else with the same hashtag. For notes with multiple hashtags, only the first one will count. Hashtags are case-insensitive.
Why use hashtags? Hashtags allow you to be selective in whom you talk to or what you talk about. Here are some examples:

Talk to the locals. Try your geographic location as a hashtag, like #NewYork or #Sweden.

Join the fan club. Find fellow fans with hashtags like #Rihanna, #GameOfThrones or #Lakers.

Define the topic. You can set the general subject or theme of incoming and outgoing notes: #music, #football, #summer.

Set the tone. You can even try and find someone in a similar state of mind with hashtags like #happy, #bored or #funny.

Friends only. Make up a unique secret hashtag (like #_blueberry319 or #_spaceChess), share it with a group of friends and use it to exchange messages within each other.

RP games. IC, OOC, OTP, para, one-liner... If you know what that means, you can play here. The general hashtag is #rp, but you can try a more specific (fandom, pairing) hashtag as well.

How can I make a hashtag more popular? The popularity of a hashtag determines how quickly your note returns with a reply. To make any hashtag more popular, invite those who might be interested in the subject to join Flyner and take part in the conversations.