An Omegle alternative — the fresh new way to chat with strangers

An Omegle alternative

Text chat on Omegle

Apart from its webcam-based video chat, Omegle also has a text chat. You are connected to a random person, you can chat for a while or break the connection and move on to the next person. It is a familiar concept that has been around since the dawn of the Internet. There are many other websites and chat rooms throughout the web that allow you to do pretty much the same thing. A similar feature is built into many instant messenger applications as well. ICQ, for example, had it since the 90s.

Text chat on Flyner

How Flyner works

What you get on Flyner is not your usual random chat. You do chat and it is random (unless you use hashtags), but there are differences. Here are some of the main ones:

  • You can (in fact, you should, that's the idea) have multiple one-on-one conversations running at the same time, in parallel. You switch between your conversations as you receive new replies from the people you are chatting with.
  • There is no “disconnect” button. You keep your conversations going by sending replies. If you do not want to continue a particular chat, just skip it and move on without breaking the flow.
  • You can continue talking after a break. Come back the next day, read incoming replies, send your responses. The conversations continue indefinitely as long as both sides keep in touch.
  • Conversations do not typically start with “hey, asl” like on Omegle. Because of the format of “launching” and “catching” notes, you have people saying or asking something more interesting. On Flyner it is quite normal to start a conversation with a story or by sharing a thought.

More than just a random chat

All of this makes Flyner different than a regular random chat, including Omegle. It is a fresh and interesting alternative. Just like on Omegle, you remain anonymous, “talk to strangers” and meet new people from around the world. But it is more of a free-flowing experience because you don't have to wait while the other person is typing. There is no need to wait to connect or press a button to disconnect. You move from one conversation to another, leaving some be, starting new ones whenever you like. When you run across someone you find interesting, you can stay in touch. All you need to do is keep on chatting.