Flyner as a Twitter alternative

Twitter alternative

If you love to socialize, you probably love Twitter. Let's face it: that's what Twitter is all about for most people. In that sense, Flyner is a Twitter alternative. It is not a source of news, but it is about conversations. Posts (“notes”) on Flyner can be just like tweets. You can say how your day is going, share a thought or ask a question. Click “Launch” to submit, and that's where the differences begin.

A note is like a tweet

Getting noticed without being followed

There are no followers on Flyner, but you don't need any to be read. Every note you launch will be displayed on someone's screen. You forgo the benefit of a public broadcast in favor of one person's undivided attention. You will not get retweeted, but you will receive a reply. Reply in turn and continue the conversation. And, of course, you are not limited to just one at a time. Launch several notes, and you will have several one-on-one conversations with different people in parallel. Sure, you won't be read by millions. But you will get plenty of attention. Even if you, like most of us, are not Justin Bieber.

Where is the feed?

There are no feeds to scroll through on Flyner. This can be a positive or a negative depending on what you are up for. On Flyner there is nothing for you to read unless you write something first. On the upside, the messages you receive are written specially for you.

Targeting with hasthags

Flyner does have hashtags. They work somewhat differently than on Twitter. Add a hashtag to your note if you want to talk to someone with a similar interest, discuss a particular topic, or even create a secret hashtag to use within a circle of friends. A note marked with a hashtag can only be received by someone who used the same hashtag in his or her note. And vice versa, you will receive a note with the same hashtag.

The freedom to be yourself

Twitter is very public. What you post can, in theory, be read by the whole world. Publicity is one of the cornerstones of Twitter's magic. The downside is that it can be tricky to relax and be yourself knowing that the world might be watching. Flyner is similar to Omegle in that it completely removes the necessity to maintain a persona. It's one less thing to worry about when you just want to talk.